Thursday, January 3, 2013

Madelon's After Christmas Fun Find! "Dolly Soda Machine"

Madelon found this great deal after Christmas for some dolly soda!    "Found this at Wal-Mart on sale for $2.50 as I can't resist the mini sodas" said Madelon

These doll sized soda cans are actually lip balms, but are the perfect size for dolls.
The packaging really makes this a fun doll play set!
Than you Madelon for these fun photos and the fun idea!
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  1. That's an awesome find! I picked up a couple of the doll sized pop bottle lip balms last year, but I have never seen the cans. I will have to keep watch for these.

  2. Wow! Groovy! And it even had the old style cans and logos!

  3. I thought Julie Ann Newman would love that as much as me! LOL Thanks ladies for such wonderful comments, I must look for the pop bottles Jen!

  4. I saw these and was tempted but didn't buy them. We have a couple of random can and bottle ones we've found along the way.

  5. Great find! I want to find these!