Friday, January 18, 2013

All about The Dolls House , Beautiful 18 inch dolls from the UK!

I recently came across these beautiful dolls from The Doll House on  Facebook.

These dolls are 18 inches tall and have such sweet features! I wrote to Sky of The Dolls House and she shared with me her motivation behind these wonderful dolls and a bit of her journey into the Dolly World.

Sky shares with us in her own words her journey.
"I was inspired by AG dolls when I visited New York around 6 years ago. I was mesmerised by seeing so many little girls queuing outside the store on 5th Avenue with their mommy’s awaiting the doors to open.It was such a lovely sight to see! I went in to see what the fuss was all about, only to witness how each and every child got so excited when they saw these dolls displayed and many items for them too."

"I came back to the UK and began studying to be a psychotherapist, this took up 4 years of my time and needed something much more exciting and passionate to fulfil my time with, not that I dislike my role as counsellor, because I am very passionate about the emotional support and energy I feel when working with my clients (I love this) and still do this today."

"I decided I needed a new direction in life and remembered my visit to NYC. I managed to source several suppliers and began my journey of developing my own prototype doll. The Dolls House girls are based upon my oldest daughters baby pictures. It took several attempts to tweak and get the mold perfect and I feel that I have achieved what I set out too. Most of the outfits and shoes are sourced and designed by myself and my girls. I finally launched in September 2012. I have 3 daughters, Demi is the eldest 16, Amber is 14 and Jett is 9, my husband is pretty amazing and very supportive too!"

"My Amber and Jett dolls are named after the younger 2 and we used Demi’s photo’s for the doll prototype. The dolls are named after gemstones and all come with a birth certificate giving the child the autonomy to name their own doll."

"My most popular dolls are Amber and Star. I guess Star is because she has the darker skin tone and they are very rare here. The dolls are 18” tall 46cm, soft-bodied and stand alone. The hair is wigged and all dolls have manicured nails on both the hands and feet. I have 9 dolls advertised but can now offer any skin tone (light, medium, olive, dark) a choice of 4 eye colour (green, blue, hazel and brown) and a good selection of hair wigs which I am becoming very skilled at doing now! The hair is shiny and long and shorter hair will be available in the next few months."

"I ship anywhere in the world and have sent dolls with in  Europe too"

"I am looking to introduce a boy doll this year and to improve on my range I have. I would like to add jointed dolls or full vinyl dolls to the range I have today."

 These dolls are such a welcome addition to the dolly world.

Priced at £39.99 these dolls are well priced and they have such a wonderful selection of dolly accessories and outfits priced from £1.50 to £18.99 these well priced dolls with their endless stylish and affordable outfits are sure to win over both young girls and doll collectors alike.
I am so thrilled that these dolls are available to ship world wide but I am even more thrilled for the young doll lovers living in the UK and Europe to be able to have a new line of dolls to love and enjoy!
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  1. Great article. I've seen these dolls and they're very pretty indeed. They fit right in with the 18" doll brands we know and love. I love that outfit with the fairisle knit skirt- it's gorgeous!

  2. Thank you My Doll Best Friend! Wonderful to hear from you!