Friday, January 25, 2013

Madelon's Sam's Club Find!

"I saw this set on Doll Diaries' Facebook page and had to take a look. At $15.88 plus a ten percent up charge if you aren't a member, it is a good deal."

 "The set comes with both Saige books which cost $7 each separately."

 Four pre printed canvases with Saige's themes of horse, hot air balloon, desert flower and desert are also included, an American Girl color wheel and four paper easels.
"I love the paper easels! The colors are fantastic"~Karen
These canvas's seem to be perfect for a dolls room! Madelon tells me that the Sage poster is perfect for a dolls room too!
This set is lovely and I am so thankful that Madelon picked it up and shared it with us today!
Be sure to keep your eyes out for this wonderful set, which would make a wonderful gift for any doll lover!

Madelon also found...
 as well as
Keep your eyes out for great finds like these at your local Sam's Club!

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  1. Col!!!!!!! Wish I had those!Going to Sam's club asap!!!!!

  2. Costco also has them for $14.99. Wish I had seen them before I bought both Saige books.

  3. I saw them at BJ's today just didn't see Saige's...
    And saw mini dolls too

  4. Oops forgot my signature