Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pre Valentine's Visit with MadiGraceDesigns....

One of my favorite Etsy shop to visit has to be MadiGraceDesigns. Checking in on my Etsy favorites is a guilty pleasure and I was pleased to find these Valentine Cupcakes and Cookies in MadiGraceDesigns shop just in time for the up coming holiday!

There is something for everyone at MadiGraceDesigns, I love the handmade furniture
The deluxe sweet shop cafe/bakery is the design I would love if I could only open my own person sized tea shop! Everything you need to create hours of doll play fun is in this well made set.
I love this photo story!
Sweet dolly dreams to be had in these adorable handmade sheet and pillow sets, handmade beds also offered and sold separate at MadiGraceDesigns.
You will find doll clothing as well in this wonderful Etsy shop!
As well one of my most favorite doll play additions, thing doll play storage and doll play shop potential in this Rotating Clothing Rack!

Mini dolls can also enjoy their own deluxe bed and bedding click here for shop listing and mini dolly bed!
Be sure to stop into Madi Grace Designs and see for yourself the wonderful handmade doll play items that will enhance your doll play collection.
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  1. Such cute things'! I the round shopping closet sooo bad! :)