Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Start your own Dolly Rock band with Madelon's fun find

"Guitar Magic"...a great idea and name for a Dolly Rock Band.., Check out these great guitar's that Madelon found at the after Christmas sale at Kmart.

Originally priced at $4.99 Madelon picked these up for $2.89
Madelon's keen eye for re-purposing every day items into doll play items really paid off to scale with these great guitars.
I love the details and the price for these!
To hard to pick a favorite here but at that price I don't think Madelon had too!
How does Madelon get her dolls to hold their guitars? She used clear elastics! This is a great tip for any of you who do doll photography as well, clear elastics made doll "play action photos" so much fun!
Just like Madelon you too can find items from the everyday to re-purpose into doll play. Keep your eyes out at your local shops, in your own homes and craft boxes. After holiday sales, tag and thrift shops and dollar stores are always a great place to look for a fun find...
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  1. Cute! My neice would love this last year she wanted a rockstar barbie and I happened to find a barbie with a guitar, she loved it! I have to say Madelon has the best stores around! Jean

  2. Super cute! Were they ornaments? Our Kmarts are closing. Might be worth a stop if I can make it before they close. Our dolls have a guitar made from a paint your own wood sign we found at Micheal's a few years back. The ribbon hanger even works for a strap.

  3. These were ornaments, Madelon tells me that she cut off the silver string that would have been used to hang them.

  4. OMG, this is awesome! Pair this with your Doll Microphone craft on Doll Diaries, and THEN you would have a rock band! The acoustic guitar reminds me of the one I got for Christmas. Too bad I don't have a Kmart store where I live, otherwise I would've already purchased one of these AWESOME guitars for dolls!

  5. I thought that too, thank you Anna-Marie!