Saturday, February 9, 2013

A visit with shop owner (and give away) from Le Petite Atelier and Confection Obsession!

Today I have a wonderful interview and give away from an Etsy Shop owner who is busy creating for two fun and fantastic Etsy shops, specializing in items for 18 inch dolls! Please welcome The Queen of Confections, Rhonda who's two shops  Le Petite Atelier and Confection Obession recently caught my eye. 

Rhonda offers some truly fun and affordable doll play items that any doll lover would love to have in their collection.
From Hats to Bedding....

 to Hand made Outfits and Sweet Treats for dolly, these shops are truly remarkable!
I asked Rhonda about her doll play collection, inspirations and Etsy shops and here is what she shared with me.

Q: When did you start creating items for American Girl Dolls?
A: I've always been a "crafter". I started selling on etsy last year but have always made fun items for my own dolls.

Q: Which Dolls do you have? How many?
A: I have 13!! :-) In order of purchase -
Kirsten Larson
Addy Walker
Felicity Merriman
Samantha Parkington (white body)
Molly McIntire
Kit Kittredge
GOTY 2007 Nicki Fleming
Caroline Abbott
JLY #16 - Chelsea
Marie Grace
GOTY 2001 Lindsey Bergman
GOTY 2013 Saige Copeland

Q: What gives you inspiration?
A: Fun whimsical colorful themes, I love Willy Wonka and anything to do with baking. I love both the historical aspect of AG dolls but have found that there are a lot of fun themes to play upon with the modern AG girls too. Each of my doll's individual story also lend plenty of inspiration.

Q:What is your favorite thing to create for Doll Play?
A: I think re-creating items from the AG stories. I have several tutorials on my blog and YouTube channel. It can be challenging trying to re-create actual large pieces. I made Kit's tree house, both Marie Grace and Kirsten's beds all out of cardboard boxes and the latest challenge that I've put upon myself is Saige's hot air balloon!

Q: What is your best selling item?
A: I would have to say bedding sets or "bed-in-a-bag" as I like to refer to them.

Q: What do you like most about doll play?
A: For myself it is strictly dressing the dolls then styling them in vignettes for photo shoots. I can become absorbed within that doll's time period. It's a great stress relief and it brings out the kid in me. The kid that is inside every doll collector.

Q: What would you like my readers to know about you, your shop, your hobbies and your collection?
A: Oh that's tough....I guess simply that I am a doll collector first and foremost. I enjoy making fun items that I would want for my dolls and hope that others will like it too. Or at the very least become inspired by what they see so that they can make personal items for their dolls. Both of my shops represent my hobbies as a crafter and as a doll collector. Crafting, sewing, painting, and spending time with my dolls all make me happy. If I can connect with other crafters and doll lovers, well that's just the "icing on the cake" as they say!!

You can visit Rhonda's blogs by clicking the links below.

Now for the Give Away.....

One of my lucky readers will receive 4 Peitis Fours and Top hat!
These colorful and sweet petits fours are perfect for any tea party. These gorgeous sweets will never melt or attract bugs. Each are perfect for your American Girl doll or any other 18" doll or teddy bear. (*Small Objects. Not intended for children under 3).

Various colors and designs, you will be shipped FOUR pieces in a beautiful pastry bag tied with a beautiful ribbon and gift tag.
These items are made with loving hands, not factory made, each piece is unique.

To enter to win please visit Le Petite Atelier and Confection Obsession and then email me at to let me know what you liked best about Rhonda's Etsy shops! A winner will be chosen at random at February 28th. Please also leave a comment at the bottom of this post!
I hope you enjoyed today's post and I look forward to hearing what you think about these fun and wonderful shops!
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  1. I love all her bed in a bags... She loves colors and it shows.. they coordinate so nicely..

  2. Lovely sites as you said! My favorites were the spring dress and the birthday party set (40 pieces).

  3. Rhonda's doll hats are adorable and her petite fours look good enough to eat.

  4. I really like the milkshakes and the polka dot bedding. Cute stuff!