Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Talk About Flip Chairs....

Let's talk about Flip Chairs....
I have always loved Flip Chairs and still kick myself for not getting the American Girl Doll One shown above. American Girl no longer has flip chairs on their website and I have not seen them in store. So  I was thrilled to find out that there are some great flip chairs avalible from some of my most favorite doll companies!

This Springfield Doll Flip Chair is the easiest to find and very affordable. Offered on line in their online Shop for $14.99 this is a great addition to your doll play collections and makes a great gift! Click here to see the on line listing.  If you already own this wonderful flip chair, I invite you to share your review both here and on the Springfield Doll Website, you can leave your review by clicking here

My friends over at Maplelea Canada's 18 inch doll line is offering this large Slumber lounger that really does easily double as a bed for dolls! Offered at $22 this beautiful blue flip chair can be viewed by clicking here

Over on Etsy you can find beautifully handcrafted flip chairs for your dolls made by the wonderful folks at Honey Creek Crafts offered at $21.50. This shop offers a selection of colors and fabric choices.

Adding Doll furniture to your doll play collections that serve more then one purpose really encourages and enhances doll play. These Flip Chairs are also easy to transport to sleep overs, small enough to keep at Grandmas (Or Auntie's!) and really make a great gift!
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  1. Cool! I love the Springfield one!

  2. We have the springfield chair--they carry it at Joanne Fabrics throughout the US--regular price where I'm at (Illinois) was $20, but they were 1/2 off at Christmas. My daughter has it in her AG dollhouse and plays with it a lot.

  3. The springfield ones are great! Here in Canada, they are $27 at Micheals so with a 40 or 50% coupon they are a great price! There is a 50% coupon starting this Saturday! Keep the boxes and you can cover them with fabric and have another chair or, tape 2 boxes together and cover with fabric and you have a loveseat! Sure am likeing the purple one from Maplelea too! great post Karen! Jean

  4. I have the American Girl Doll Floral Flip Chair Pink Green Lounge Fold Out Bed Futon for Julie. If anyone is interested. I'm in South Dakota