Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Generation Dolls

 Today I want to share with you an interview about the wonderful Our Generation Dolls. 
I recently sent the following interview questions to Sarajane, of Our Generation Public Relations team and am thrilled to share her answers and some photos of the amazing and affordable doll play items with all of you today. Here are the questions I asked (K:) and the answers (OG:) for your enjoyment.
K:What is the most popular selling OG doll or set?  
OG:We don't have a particular "most popular" doll, as many kids LOVE to have a doll that looks most like them.  However, our bundles sell particularly well (in large part due to their affordability), including the "Hair Grow Doll and Salon Set." (Her hair actually grows!)

K:What is it about OG dolls that make them so popular? 
OG: For little girls, our dolls are so popular largely because of the amazing accessories we carry, including bath sets, RVs, scooters, horses, armoires, salon sets, and many more!  Parents are most attracted to the cost, as Our Generation is much more affordable than other doll brands. 

K:How often does the OG team release new OG products?   
OG:We release 2 brand new dolls each year, but we launch tons of new accessories throughout the year.  Check out our Let's Hang Clip-On Chair and R.V. Seeing You Camper - both BRAND NEW accessories! 

K: How does OG keep the cost of dolls, accessories and outfits so
reasonably priced?  
OG:As the PR arm of the Our Generation brand, I'm not involved in the everyday production decisions.  I do know, however, that A LOT of effort and collaboration goes into picking certain features of the doll, all with the price repercussions kept in mind. 

K:What is your favorite thing about Our Generation Dolls? 
OG: My favorite thing about Our Generation dolls is the vast array of products that we carry.  Whether you're into horses or camping or cooking, we have sets and accessories to make every little girl happy!  Even being a not-so-girly-girl myself, I'm surprised how much I love the adorable outfits we carry!

K:What items can we look forward to in 2013?  
OG:We're currently working on the final touches for our 2013 products, which we will be unveiling at Toy Fair in mid-February.  Stay tuned! 

K:Is there a plan in place to make an OG Boy doll?   
OG:There are no plans right now on making an Our Generation boy doll.  We have a tight-knit groups of girls, and we're looking to expand that circle.  Who knows - could be on the horizon!

K:How long does it take the Our Generation team to put ideas for dolls, accessories and outfits into production? 
OG: Our design team is constantly working on new dolls, accessories, & outfits.  While there isn't a set timeline for bringing an idea into fruition, it usually takes at least a year.  In fact, they're probably working on products right now that you might not see until 2015! 

You can find out more about Our Generation Dolls by visiting 
or in person at your local Target Store in the USA, Zellers Stores (about to become Target) in Canada.
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  1. That was very interesting! I have an Our Generation! Her name is Alejandra but I call her Alex for short.

  2. Thanks for this interview. It was interesting and I learned a lot about the OG dolls/accessories. I've just spent an hour on Target's site reading about all the dolls and accessories. I especially love the kitchen, table and chairs and sewing set. Thanks!!

    1. some people say that its mostly made out of plastice but I really don't care I love it:)

  3. Awesome interview Karen! Thank u so much for this one! U always pick just the right people or companies to interview! I would LOVE to see them come out with a boy doll...maybe a as a "brother" or just a "pal" even. We can dream, right? We love their horses, dolls, and all their accessories...I guess that means we love ALL of OG! ;-)

  4. Battat/Our Generation used to have a boy doll named Sam. You can find them on Ebay. I have a custom flexible Our Generation boy named Danny.

  5. Thanks Julie Ann! I did not know that! I have seen him on a pattern I have now that I think of it...must check Ebay!

  6. Thank you for this very interesting post! It was fun learning what goes on behind the scenes. We love Our Generation accessories in our house -- the sewing set is especially awesome.

  7. Would love to see another, more recent interview with OG! They've really been putting out some awesome products.

    I never used to buy OG. Now? I'm finding much more in their product line that's appealing to me. What's truly surprising me the most, though, is that I actually like some of it better than similar products from a higher priced brand.

  8. We had never heard of OG dolls until I was looking online for patterns for my daughters' 18in doll from the 80s. My granddaughter thought her Mum's doll was amazing, so I bought her Lily-Anna for Christmas 2015, along with 2 outfits. She chose 2 more outfits and an accessories pack for her Boxing Day birthday. So much fun for Granny!! I am so impressed with the quality of the products. Well done OG, but you need to get it out there in Australia!