Tuesday, February 19, 2013

American Custom Dollhouses...

Today I am thrilled to share with you the launch of American Custom Dollhouses Website!
I am so excited by the photos I have been seeing and I know you will be amazed! Here is an interview I did with the family behind fantastic Custom Dollhouses.

What inspired you to create these amazing custom houses for 18 inch dolls?

"We created the first prototype for our American Custom Dollhouses™ for Jessica and her extensive family of American Girl® dolls. To accommodate numerous requests, we began to prepare to create similar one-of-a-kind custom dollhouses for other devoted collectors of 18 inch dolls."

When did you think about turning this inspiration into a business?

"When news of our one-of-a-kind custom dollhouses became more widely known, requests began to pour in from doll collectors everywhere for similar dollhouses and accessories for their own families of 18 inch dolls. So, to accommodate as many as possible, American Custom Dollhouses™ was born."

What dolls do you have and how long have you had them?

"Our American Custom Dollhouses™ story really first began on Christmas morning back in 1989 when Molly®, an American Girl® doll, first captured the imagination of seven year old Jessica, and a lifelong relationship began. Over the next two decades, Jessica became a devoted doll collector, and today cares for a family of twenty, mostly historic, American Girl® dolls, including: Molly, Emily, Kirsten, Samantha, Nellie, Felicity, Elizabeth, Addy, Julie, Ivy, Kit, Ruthie, Rebecca, Cecile, Marie-Grace, JLY #4, JLY #12, GotY Mia, GotY Jess, and her original Molly, now customized and rewigged."

What do you think your doll houses offer the every day doll lover and doll collector?

"American Custom Dollhouses™ offers a unique opportunity to have an heirloom quality dollhouse that is worthy of the world's finest 18 inch dolls, and is right for both play and display. Each room naturally encourages imaginative play when its clear acrylic display front is carefully removed, while each room is also a dust resistant display cabinet when its clear acrylic display front is set safely in place."

What is your turn around time once an order is placed?

"Since American Custom Dollhouses™ will always be individually created to order, turn around time will always vary depending upon several factors. Demand is high. Initially, during our start-up period, fulfilling orders will require extended time, possibly up to ninety days or so. Later, it should certainly be less."

What is your favorite thing/item that goes into each of your custom made doll houses?

"Hand craftsmanship. In our family, those that came before us crafted shoes, by hand, and crafted jewelry, by hand, and crafted furniture, by hand. We are proud and happy to carry on the tradition of crafting things that people love, by hand."

What are the costs involved in one of your custom doll houses?

"American Custom Dollhouses™ offers high quality dollhouses and accessories right for a wide variety of budgets. Basic Single Rooms and Basic Modular Dollhouses are the most affordable. Deluxe Single Rooms and Deluxe Modular Dollhouses offer extra features at extra cost. Themed Single Rooms and Themed Modular Dollhouses tell special stories from special times and cost the most."

Can rooms be added at a later order?

"Yes. American Custom Dollhouses™ can be created in a size that you like now, and added on to later. They are made up of Themed Modular Dollhouse Units that may be ordered all at once, or one at a time. Each is sized to be used individually or to fit together in combination with other Modular Dollhouse Units to create a dollhouse that can grow or change to fit your needs."

What would you like my readers to know about your family, company and custom doll houses?

"Our family has a long creative history that set the stage for American Custom Dollhouses™ It includes creating custom children's play environments, custom displays, custom exhibits, custom furniture, custom upholstery, and one-of-a-kind scale model buildings. We also have long experience in the toy industry that started in the 1970s, creating art and design at Ideal Toy Corporation. At the time, it was the world's largest manufacturer of dolls, including the Shirley Temple doll."
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 Be sure to check out the gallery  American Custom Dollhouses you will find some adorable photos of some of your most favorite American Girl Characters and see how they make the most out of each room.
A big thank you to  American Custom Dollhouses for taking time to share with us their doll houses today.
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  1. Their prices are extremely high! If they were reasonable, I would absolutely ask my mom to buy it for me :)

  2. Keep in mind these are handcrafted and custom made and shipping is included.

  3. I agree that the prices are extremely high for one basic house 24X24X24. I do not believe the average collector will be able to afford one. They are very beautiful though.

  4. Wow! Those are super expensive!! I dont know who could afford that!