Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby It's Cold Out Side, Let's talk Dolly Coats!

With Winter in full swing in much of North America I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my most favorite Dolly Coats.  The above coat was sold recently on Whoa It's Me's Etsy Shop and is a favorite of mine, Check out Whoa It's Me by clicking here

Every Doll should have at least one coat in her collection to keep her warm. Here are some of my favorites from the on line world. I love this one from Springfield Collection and right now it is on sale for only $4.99 Click here for online listing.

I love the colors of this American Girl set offered at $34 you can't beat this deal includes the snow pants socks and gloves. Click here for listing.

Maplelea has two coats I just love this is the Maple Cabin Parka set that includes the pants as well offered at $29 click here for listing.
The Manteau de Ville Trench Coat is a stylish and well made coat that will fit most 18 inch dolls. The messenger bag  bag is included in this set offered at $26 Click here for listing.

Over at Mini Me Dolly Diva's Etsy shop this pink, black and white Oxford Square hooded coat is another of my Etsy Favorites. Offered at $18 and can be viewed by clicking here
I love the beret in this Fun Coat set from Jill's Fabric Designs. Offered at $20 this is a lovely set! Click here for shop and listing.
Hello Kitty Fans like my nieces would love this coat from MomAwake's Etsy Shop, she has some of the finest doll coats in her shop click here to see this listing offered at $11
 I am absolutely in love with this coat! Check it out offered at $12, click here for listing.
Her coats are all beautifully made and lined. You will want to add this shop to your favorites. 
 This super cute coat is offered from our friends over at Madi Grace Designs.  Offered at $22  this coat also includes the scarf! Click here for shop listing. 

 Over at My Girl Clothing Co. My thoughts turn to Spring and this cute set offered at $22. Jacket with working zipper is just so precious! Top, Pants and footwear offered separately in this one stop shop! Click here for listing. 

There are so many wonderful dolly coats it is hard to pick just one! Dolly Coats will add hours to your doll play collection. 
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  1. Cute! I have the red Springfield coat and HIGHLY recommend it!

  2. I agree Nina, I have the White Springfield one and I love it!