Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brandy's Version of Caroline's Party Set!

Today Brandy shares with us the Party Set she made her daughters that was inspired by Caroline's Party Set .

How to make Brandy's version of Caroline’s Party Set:

"My daughters both love Caroline’s Party Set.  However, they were
disappointed to find out that the set only served two dolls.  My goal with
this project was to provide enough servings to accommodate their table and
chair set and do it at a much lower cost than the set AG offers….and still
be super cute.  Here is how I did it."

-First I made a brown table cloth to resemble Caroline’s dark wood table.

Place Setting
-Next I made white laced napkins.  Each is 6x6 inches.  Folded into thirds
and then in half.

-The 2.5 inch wood plates were found at  Each plate was
spray painted in a silver paint.

-The cups are 1 ¼ candle cups (with 5/8 in hole) spray painted silver.  I
had to hand-paint the insides.  These were found at my local Michaels craft
- Silverware was what I had already.

Applesauce Cake
- I started with a small artist sponge.  This one was about 3 inches in
diameter.  I found this sponge in a bag with various other sizes at my local
Michael’s store.

-I used an electric knife to cut the sponge into 6 sections.  I used a
sharpie to mark 1-6 on bottom of each piece to remember which order they
were to go into.
-Each piece was painted in a medium warm brown.
-For the apple slices I used an off white foam paper. I used a fiskars oval
hand punch and punched several small ovals.  Then I took a pair of fine
scissors and cut the right side off of each oval to give it an apple slice
-I glued the foam slices to the top of each piece of sponge.
-I took sharpie markers in tan, yellow, and red to add accent coloring.
-The cake pan is a lid to a small circular paper mache box spray painted

Ceramic Pitcher and Wild Flowers
-I started with a 1 5/8 inch Candle Cup (with 7/8 in hole) and painted it a
vanilla color.
-I scaled down the American Girl image of their pitcher and printed the
image of the majestic ship out on computer paper.
-With fine scissors I cut it out.
-With my fingertip I spread Tacky Glue to the back of the cut out and
attached to the cup.
-Once dry I sprayed with a shiny sealer.
-The flowers were recycled from a spring front door wreath.

 Brandy is so very talented and I am so thankful that she allows me to share her creations with all of you, I am so very inspired by her attention to detail and ability to recreate doll play items she has seen on line!
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  1. This is beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are so very welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. This is so cute and very realistic! Thanks for sharing- we might need to attempt this sometime soon!

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment! I hope you get a chance to try making it.

  3. Sure cute! Bravo Brandy you did it again!

  4. Once again, amazing! Do you remember where you got the silverware?

  5. Just love this. Did you use an electric knife to cut the sponge into the 6 pieces? Also did you use craft paint or spray paint to paint the sponge?