Monday, June 12, 2017

Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny of The Rita Pita Boutique...

This week was full of fantastic thrift shop finds and an American Girl Doll emergencies.  I love when I have to shift multiple car seats and collapse the back-row seats to accommodate finds.  The best part is when the entire back of the van smells like an antique shop.  I was all over Buffalo from barn sales to consignments shops.  I have been in search of a cute sewing machine table and an old antique desk.  I found exactly what I was looking for, I will share pictures next week after I refinish them.  Oh, and I found a vintage thread cabinet "in love".  Last week, we sold our dining room furniture, so I could have a place to refinish and repurpose 18" doll furniture and an office space to run my non-profit, called Project Stork Inc. 

 Needless to say, I quit my ten-year teaching career to do what I love.  I haven't regretted my decision at all.  My catch phrase this past week, "sometimes you just have to jump!"  and Jump I did, many would think that quitting a decent career with 5 children is selfish and irresponsible.  However, it is quite the opposite, life is not guaranteed, I want to be with my children, I want to raise them, and if it means doing without a few things here or there then it is very worth it. 

 So, the red alarm emergency you may be wondering about... Kaitlyn rushes up the attic steps where Nathan and I are playing some Star Wars and Green Lantern combo as Lauren crawls, yes crawls! In search of Green Lantern and then right into her mouth.  Lauren was Ms. Captain Poopy Pants and she had Green Lantern right where she wanted him.  Natalie shuffles some blocks around and Kate can barely get her words out. 

 Kate slow down, she was in a panic, Lea was in one hand.  It was clear that two small rows of hair in the back of her head were no longer sewn into the mesh.  Yikes I thought, I was bobby pinning through Lea's hair like a Gorilla does for bugs.  I found the locations where the hair is no longer attached.  Well good, I have a job for tomorrow, because once again I certainly didn't have anything I needed to work on while the babies slept.  I have never tackled a hair wig job before, I will do some you tubing, but it seems pretty easy, just a small space to work on.  Dark thread, small needle, a good light, glasses, and perhaps magnifying glasses too ?? I'll let you know next week how this turns out.
Thank you Jen for a glimpse into your very busy week!
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