Saturday, October 6, 2012

A great example of re purposing every day items into Doll Play delights!

Madelon is on a great roll, finding everyday items and re purposing them in to great doll play delights.
"I found these two wooden desk accessories at TJ Maxx and thought they would make great doll furniture. At $16.99 each, they were more than I usually pay, but I thought I could do something with them for the dolls." Said Madelon.

 I love that the drawers open and their is lots of dolly storage space!

I love that the mini doll books fit right inside! Madelon has a great eye for attention to detail!

These two items were a great find, they are perfect doll height and would look great in any doll room!
Keep your eyes open for more of Madelon's fun finds. I am so thrilled to share them all with you and hope you are inspired to look at everyday items from a Doll Play perspective.
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  1. Those are the coolest things I have ever seen from TJ maxx. I mean besides lps blythe mini dolls :) I have a site here :