Friday, October 26, 2012

Madelon's fun find-Make a Halloween Dress for your doll

Today Madelon's fun find is this wonderful dress she made for her doll from Halloween tea towels.
"I made a no-sew outfit from a tea towel which I bought as set of two for 4 dollars. I like the starched material and the fact that it has a hem."
"I added an extra Velcro on the skirt where it was thick. Many dollar plus type stores sell tea towels for a dollar twenty five."
To make the top, Madelon used the stripped part of the tea towel. And used the bottom part with the witch as her skirt. She used sticky back Velcro dots to keep the skit to stay on and tied the striped fabric at the back to create the top.
I love these tea towels and will look for them for myself and my kitchen but I love what Madelon Created for today's fun find! Thank you Madelon!
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