Thursday, October 25, 2012

Make your dolls their own Jack-O-Lanterns and treat

Today Madelon has shared with us another great Halloween find. Using a Clay Sulpting kit, along with two real mini pupkins she made adorable Jack-O-Lanterns for her dolls.

Using tape Madelon attached the faces and hats to her mini pumpkins.
I love the pumpkin on the right don't you?
Using the clay the kit included Madelon made doll sized treats to share with her dolls!
The Apple on a Stick treats can be made with bamboo kitchen skewers or thicker tooth picks. Such a great idea!
Now her dolls are ready for Halloween! This craft kit was another wonderful example of re purposing every day items in to doll play. Madelon's great fun find cost $1 plus mini pumpkins! Such  a great and inexpensive rainy day activity!
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