Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sticker treats another fun find for Halloween.

Contributing writer and photographer Madelon sent in today's fun find, these Sticker treats are the perfect Doll sized Halloween Stickers.
Inside the little boxes are adorable doll play fun! Look for these stickers in your local dollar and big box stores.
If you are having an American Girl or Dolly Halloween Party these stickers make great party favors!
These wonderful little boxes also make cute "cookie or cereal boxes" or other Dolly snack sized treats! Just cover the words Stickers and your doll play kitchen collection will have some fun holiday themed additions.

I love the purple outfit that Madelon's Doll is wearing, it is from Springfield Doll Collection.
Click here to see it on line on Springfield doll Collections shop page! Offered at under $12 this outfit is a great one to pick up now and tuck away for the up coming gift giving season or next last minute birthday party invite! Springfield doll collection items fit most 18 inch dolls and are easily accessible in store and on line. I have personally been a big fan and shopper of Springfield items. (They do not pay me to advertise on my blog or to promote there items in case you are wondering.) I just get so excited to see their outfits on the photos sent in by my readers and contributing writers! Madelons photos generate lots of interest so when ever possible I will let you know what the dolls are wearing and where you can find outfits just like them for your collections.  Check out Springfrield Doll Collection next time you are in Micheal's the craft store or on line.
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