Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Add Madelon's "Jam Jars" to your Farmers Market Play set!

Madelon has truly inspired me so much with her recent doll play ideas and jam jar idea for dolls is brilliant.

Madelon found these 4 jar candles for only 50 cents each! They are the perfect dolly size and they come in wonderful fall colors and scents.

Using some fall themed fabric and some  twin (you could also use raffia) to cover the lids these little jars really look like homemade jam and would look wonderful on your dolls shelf and would go perfectly with the Dolly Farmers Market play set Madelon shared with us yesterday.

 "I got some twine and found some Fall colored fabric. The trick is to cut a fairly large square and then trim it once you have placed it on the candle lid and tied it." says Madelon
 Cover the jar with a generous piece of fabric!
Tie the twine around the lid tightly! Make a knot.
Trim the excess.

I love the finished product, don't you?

Thank you Madelon for this wonderful idea! You are a great asset to our Craft blog team!
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  1. That is such an adorable idea! Did Madelon say where she found those little candles?

    I have been using those little trial size jelly jars and filling them with polymer clay fruits or veggies. I never thought to cover them with fabric so they looked home-canned.