Monday, October 22, 2012

Dolly Farmers Market Play Set by Madelon! You can make one too!

Madelon has sent in some great photos of her Dolly Farmers Market. This is another one of those times where I open her email and think 'Now why did I not think of that?'
To make your own get a "craft crate" print, buy or make your own label use Modge podge to paste it to the crate and fill.
Fill it with Dollar store and craft store mini gourds and pumpkins, now on sale at your local craft, dollar and party stores (even more discount after Halloween and Thanksgiving)
The above gourds cost $5 for 12 pieces says Madelon 
 "They are great for the AG size doll. I want to take some outdoor photos with them. They are Ashland Fall vegetables." 

"These mini cities were 1.50"

This bag is one Madelon got at Michaels, on sale for under $6!

As you can see these gourds and pumpkins are perfect dolly play size1
Just a few bags should fill your crate!
I just love the clothes that Madelon's doll is wearing today, don't you? She tells me that this is an Our Generation Outfit called "Thrill in the Chill". It comes with a coat, mittens, scarf and faux Ugg boots! and is reasonably priced at a Target Store near you!

"The mittens are on a string so they won't get lost.  The coat feels like a wool blend. I love the boots which Velcro up the back. This outfit was either 15.99 or four for 39.99. The quality rivals AG on this one. Putting on little tags is a great idea too!"
 Expanding on Madelon's farmers market she put together some inspiring photos of her dolls! She even re-purposed a Fall themed Teddy Bear t-shirt perfect for this play set!
 Small baskets found in craft and dollar stores make great farmers market shopping baskets, use items you already have to enhance this set! Eraser food or other small doll food finds work great with this basket!
 Madelon found these perfect doll size apples at AC Moore
Such a great find!
Use items you find, these mini pine cones are adorable for re creating a dolly fun fall day!
 Another example of how to set up your farmers market!

Thank you to Madelon for sharing these fantastic doll play ideas and photos!
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