Thursday, October 5, 2017

Madelon's Barbie Fun Finds Halloween Party Barbie and A Look At Three of The 2017 Holiday Barbies...

Madelon just sent me the Halloween Party Barbie image she found in store and I am now on the hunt to bring Halloween Party Barbie home to my place, no I don't have daughters but I have nieces and I can justify this purchase as a doll lover right! Sorry it would not stay in the package though, I think this one is too cute for words! 
More of the 2017 Holiday Barbies are arriving in store too!  I love the color of this Barbies hair!

The style of Barbies hair in this years Holiday Barbie is think is spectacular. 
I think though that the most beautiful thus far is this one that Madelon sent me a little while ago, this look is perfect for a holiday Barbie Gala and is stunning.

Thank you Madelon for sharing these beautiful Barbies with all of us today.
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