Sunday, October 15, 2017

Cabbage Patch Dolls Sunday Series- Etsy Outfits For Girl Dolls!

Today's Etsy Spotlight is actually just on one Etsy shop the Dressing Dollies Etsy shop. After I first saw this shop for last weeks spotlight there was so much to love that I am doing this weeks just in this store. You can tell when a shop owner loves what they do as it shows in their work. I never had a bathing suit for my dolls and I think this polka dot one is cute as can be! Find this and the other bathing suits in stock now by clicking here.

This listing for a lavender floral print nightgown is exactly what I wanted and dreamed of for my own Cabbage Patch Dolls.
With the holidays up coming I loved the look of this dress, the bows and the panties are so sweet!
You can view this and so many other listings by clicking here.

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