Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Madeon's Terrific Tuesday Fun Finds! More Advent Calendars To Love

My word Madelon has been busy finding us some of the most wonderful Advent Calendars of the season! My niece PB would love to have this one! We love Paw Patrol in this house, she would be beside herself with this one.
I have long loved Lego Calendar's this one is a great one, I love the snow blower!

My niece Hannah and her brother Ethan would love this one for sure. BB8 with a Santa hat! Love it!

This crazy has not hit my house thankfully but I imagine a few friends will have this one this year, exclusive to Target and so much fun!
Lego Friends has also got one specially designed for outdoor lego themed fun, snowboarding pup!
This one is interesting, a pencil top advent calendar with DC comic book heros...
This one is also very cool, you can create your own ornaments for the holiday with this advent calendar kit! 

So many wonderful ones to choose from, I still love the Barbie one from last week! What would you choose? 
Thank you Madelon for sharing these Advent Calendars with all of us! Keep your eyes out at the big box stores for these!
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