Monday, May 23, 2011

A camping set for your doll! A review of the Our Generation camping set.

My fabulous sister Bre-Anne just sent me this camping set for 18 inch dolls that she picked up at Zellers in Quebec. You can buy Our Generation dolls at Target in the USA and Zellers here in Canada. This set is FANTASTIC! Such a great deal. My sister paid $19.99 plus tax for this great set which includes the Tent, sleeping bag, working lamp and cup, kettle,plate and doll food.
My only complaint about this set is it did not come with directions on how to put the tent together.
The tent took me some serious time to put together and was frustrating as I am not a camper and really had no idea how to get this together so I looked at the photos and 30 minutes later the tent was up. (This is why in real life I do not camp)
This tent is perfect for all 18 inch dolls. You can comfortably sit two dolls in this tent and 4 in each corner for a very cozy tent.
I love that the dolls can fit inside and really think they have done a great job creating this camping set.
The lamp really works, the cup and other accessories are a bit small for American Girl dolls hands but the Lamp takes the cake!
The sleeping bag fits with the doll diagonally in the tent and I beyond love this set. You can take it apart and store it flat but after the trouble I went to getting it together mine will stay up for the mean time.
I love this set and totally recommend it for a gift or for your personal collection.
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  1. OMG i have the same exact one, mine looks worse set up then yours...

  2. I have the same exact tent!Except mine is pink.