Friday, May 20, 2011

Make your own doll hairstyling cape and hair care kit

I love making things for the dolls that I see in the American Girl doll catalog and putting my own spin on them. I made this hairstyling cape for a birthday gift and put it together with some great dollar store Gems to create my own Hair Care kit for dolls at a fraction of the cost of the one in the AG catalog.
To make the cape I used a scrap of fabric made of acetate which is what the one in the catalog is made out of, you can use any on hand fabric. I also used a package of bias tape to finish the look. I made mine out of a 13X13 inch square cut on the fold  I recommend 10X10 if you are going to make one as mine is a bit long. If you follow the directions bellow you can easily make these for your doll. I used a zig zag stitch for the bias tape.
To finish the neck, I left 12 inches of bias tape on either side to be later used as the ties.
Next I paired it with some great dollar store gems like curlers, a ready made makeup bag and spray bottle for styling (ONLY USE WATER and mist the dolls hair lightly when styling) I tied a matching ribbon on the zipper as the zipper pull and added the cape for a really fun and inexpensive personally made gift. You can add your own wire dollar store brush like the ones I created for the birthday party in a past post to finish this great birthday gift.

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  1. Cute!!!! Man, I don't live anywhere near to a dollar store!!!!

  2. soooo cute, you should make and sell this kit, i would buy in a heartbeat!!!!