Friday, May 13, 2011

Needle felting Cupcakes for your doll

About a year ago I found out about needle felting, I loved how the craft looked on sites like Etsy. I was happy to receive as a gift from a fellow craft swapper on Swap-bot some supplies that got me started. I watched tutorials on You tube and set off to make some of the most adorable garden Gnomes that you have ever seen. I loved every one I made and found it so hard to give them away!

Then I ran out of supplies. Just before Christmas my mother in law went to a store in Vancouver and bought me some amazing colored wool to keep creating. I made more gnomes and a mouse but today I set out on making cupcakes for 18 inch dolls. Needle felting is something I really like because I am an impatient crafter and if I can not make something start to finish in under 30 minutes I really get frustrated (some of my larger pieces of Needle felting take me up to 2 hours but they are quite large compared to the cupcakes)
I used a light pink, light purple and red to great this cupcake which took start to finish 15 minutes.
I always work over recycled bubble mailers but you can work over a foam block as well

With Needle felting you have to be very careful to not hut your fingers with the very sharp needle. You push the needle in and out and the fibers get more dense, to add another color you just work the needle and push the fibers together.
The fibers come in long strips you just cut as you need. The needle has a little curve at the top and barbs at the bottom.
Needle felting should be done with an adult if you are new to needle felting. It does hurt if you poke your finger with the needle but with very little practice I know you will love this fun and inexpensive craft!
You can purchase supplies on line or look in your local wool shops for supplies. 
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  1. Hi, I love your site, you are an amazing crafter. What do I look for when I want to buy that stuff? I am so jealous of your doll table. Your dolls live in luxury.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment you can buy needle felting supplies on line or at wool shops in your area. As for my table the one in the photos I got from a second hand store for $1.50. I suggest looking for one at a craft shop as allot of the store like Micheal's the craft store have wooden stools that are the perfect height and size for tables. I hope that helps! Thank you for your comment!