Friday, September 9, 2011

Another fantastic find! A table and Chairs set from Goodwill

I was so thrilled to find this set of chairs and table while on vacation in Palm Springs this past summer. I really lucked out at the Goodwill store and bought this set for only $14.99. I beyond love it, I had thought of buying it and reselling it however I do not think I can part with it.

With all thrift stores and yard sales you never know what you are going to find but the hunt sometimes pays off and I am overjoyed with this fantastic find. The clerk at the store told me that they had several pieces including a swing and bed donated and that I had just missed purchasing it. I was sad to hear that but happy that some other doll lover has amazing pieces for their doll play collection. So let me know if you have any fantastic finds like this one in your travels I love to hear what amazing adventures go on and the treasures they find.
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  1. Karen, I believe you did really "luck" out. The set appears to be Samantha's table and chairs without the seat cushions. You might want to check for sure at (Historical Dolls)
    But one thing is for sure... you got a great deal! Congratulations and Happy Dance for you.

    ^j^ Mrs.C.

  2. Envy, envy, envy. In my area, garage sales and thrift stores have very little in AG stuff, if anything. I've found some of those Bombay type chairs and other very inexpensive stuff that could be bought new for sometimes less, but never any good deals. But those who live in areas where there are such goodies make out well.

    One thing, you can often get good fabric if you sew, at thrift stores from clothing that you just cut up. I have some great little prints that cost me $1 in good fabrics from used clothes that I cut into fabric squares.