Sunday, September 4, 2011

Create your own doll sized flower planter from recycled materials

I made this fantastic doll sized flower planter from recycled cardboard and some items from Dollarama.
On our recent drving trip to California, my husband stopped and bought two travel DVD players for our boys on our second 14 hour driving day. Inside the box were these cardboard boxes that I thought would make perfect doll sized planters. 
When we arrived in Palm Springs and I found a Dollarama I was thrilled that for $2 I could make my craft. 

So I purchased craft floral foam and a bunch of pink daisy flowers.
I then took out one of the floral blocks, ( I have enough to keep creating more when I get a chance)
and cut it so that it fit in the box. Now you can use a much, small pot or other small box to create yours, this is what I did to reuse the packaging that came with the dvd players we bought.

Use a large sharp kitchen knife, it crumbles if you do not.
A lucky perfect fit! If you need to, cut yours smaller to fit your container.
Finally I trimmed the flowers from the stem at the height I thought would look best.
This craft took about two minutes to create. You can add more flowers to make your box fuller and more greenery to hide the foam. I loved how it turned out!

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  1. Great idea!! I also love crafting things and recycle in the same time:D!!

  2. would a egg carton work?