Thursday, September 1, 2011

Doll sized Soda Can perfect Walmart find!

On my recent travels to the USA I found these Soda cans (Pop cans if you are Canadian) at the check out in Walmart. These perfect sized doll soda cans are actually lip balm but fit perfectly as doll play items! I picked this one up for under $1.50. They had Pepsi and Mountain Dew.
If you happen to find other flavors let me know! I thought this was a really cute re-purposed doll play item that would make a great gift or "stocking stuffer" for any doll lover.
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  1. We have a store here called Five Below (everything less than $5) and they carry the whole line of these - Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, 7-Up, the works. I have also seen them in the shape of soda bottles.

  2. I have a mountain dew and a doctor pepper lip balm that i use for my dolls. Also, I went to this movie store and found these soda pop flavored candies that came in the perfect sized plastic "soda cans" for american girl and other 18 inch dolls. I bought a pack, my family and I shared the candy and I got the "soda cans" for my dolls. :)

  3. Thank you both for the great tips! I wish we had something like this here in Canada, I had so much fun finding them when I was on vacation!

  4. My daughter has a couple of these. We should probably try tp find them and use them when they're empty. Btw, the name for carbonated beverages here in the States is as varied as our accents. We have: soda, soda water, soda pop, pop ( in the chicago area), and " coke" ( used for any type of soda- in the atlanta area). I it's really weird. We call it " soda" in Cali. :-0)

    Marie in CA, U.S.

  5. Thanks so much Marie, It is so funny that it has so many names.