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A potted plant for your doll! A guest Post by Amy of

Today I bring you a post by Amy of a great Etsy shop. Amy is also an Emily Rose@ Home consultant and very crafty lady. Today I bring you her post on making a tiny potted plant for your doll.


To make some doll sized potted flowers, you need:
~A small 2 inch pot
~some Styrofoam
~floral wire
~floral wire
~hot glue
~artificial flower blooms.

Tiny flower pots can be hard to find this time of the year but you might get lucky at your local dollar store, craft store or even the dollar section at Target. Spring is the best time of course. Michael's the craft store also carries them in the floral section year round.

For the flowers:
"I had on hand a floral lei from a party and  I cut it apart to get to the smaller flowers as they were a good size. I do many crafts so I searched my supplies and found a length of floral wire left from another project, floral tape and a styro foam ball. I know I have moss, but it was thundering and lightening and it is in my storage box in the shed across the yard so I improvised when I realized that and used a circle of brown felt I had on hand.

I rough cut a piece off the styro foam ball and shoved it in the pot so there was a bit of space, as you would leave for a real plant. I ran hot glue around the foam inside the pot. Then I recommend you cut a circle of felt and glue it in or have moss on hand to add later.I cut the lei and started to slide the flowers and petals off, and I put the pieces I didn't need into a bag, I might find a use at a later date.

I tested the hot glue and it did not melt the flowers so I put a drop where the stem would have attached and pushed the wire in. I then wrapped the wire and where I glued securely with the floral tape. I put glue on the stem and pushed it in. I repeated this process and made 6 blooms in all.
The finished project is so adorable! I know you will have fun making your own for your dolls.

Thank you to Amy from   
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