Sunday, September 25, 2011

Girl Scout outfits for Ameircan Girl Dolls from Emily Rose@home

In Canada where I am from we have the Girl Guides. Some of my fondest memories of my mother was the time we spent together in Brownies and Girl Guides. I loved belonging to my brownie troupe and our weekly meetings, My mother ran our group and I loved earning my badges. It was so great to have time with my mother especially given the fact that I had 3 other siblings at home and mom and me time was not always easy to achieve, but my mother made time.I loved all the creative things we did, how we helped out our community and the leadership tools that I learned. Oh and I loved my uniform! (I was a girl who dreamed of going to private school so I could have a uniform.) The photo above is me as a brownie in about 1982. My brother Chris was a Beaver (before scouts here they have Beavers)

Here I am as a Girl Guide a few years later, I loved it!

My neighbors to the south call their Girl Guide Program Girl Scouts and have the same rich tradition that has been handed down for generations.  I remember a cloth doll I had when I was a brownie, that I loved, it was so special because it had a matching brown uniform to the one I proudly wore to brownies!
Emily Rose@home consultant Susie Hyde shared with me some photos and information about the wonderful outfits available for our 18 inch dolls that are an incredibly detailed replica of the real thing!

These outfits from EmilyRose@home cost just under $20 and are so adorable!

They also offer a junior girl scout uniform   for $18.99
The dolls look even cuter with the outfits on in person!
The detail is truly amazing on these outfits. No detail has been over looked on these outfits.
Now if they could come out with the doll sized Girl Scout Cookies to share that would be so amazing!
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