Thursday, September 29, 2011

Funky furniture from Allysaraeinc's family Etsy shop

 I found this fun Etsy shop called . This family run shop offers a really funky fuzzy green bed and couch sets. The bed only $42.95 comes fully assembled and with bedding. made from hardwood and the bedding is quilted.

I also loved the couch set perfect for your dolls living room! Also comes fully assembled with your choice of the green pillows shown or your choice of super cute zebra print ones

If you are not a huge fan of pink take a look at this set in Green
You can also choose the Zebra print pillows with this set only  $39.95

This shop also offers sleeping bag sets for $18.95 these sets are fully padded and soft brushed cotton.

The family has been making doll clothes and sewing for years. "Mom" tells me
"My father is a wood worker and my mother is a seamstress so growing up my sisters and I have always been able to let our imaginations go wild. Allysa and Kristin, and I have always been very creative. We started making doll furniture and accessories as soon as they had baby dolls"
I always want to know how people get started selling on Etsy and started selling doll furniture because of the multiple relatives and friends asking to buy thier items for their own daughters.

"We enjoyed it and people loved it, so why not? We've had a lot of fun being able to sew and create doll furniture together , We have done a few local craft shows with our doll furniture, but what we really enjoy is selling on etsy.

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