Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quality Pine Furniture for American Girl Dolls from Pine Grove Woodshop

 I found another wonderful Etsy shop that creates beautiful wooden items for American Girl Dolls called Pine Grove Woodshop 
I found out about this shop from one of my readers and am so thankful for the tip. There are so many wonderful items here I would love to put on my Christmas list and I think you would agree purchasing from Sue and her shop Pine Grovewood Shop  would make any Doll Lover thrilled!
Never having enough doll storage I love doll armoirs when I was at the AG Place store, I was shocked at the sticker price, I could buy three dolls and outfits for the price of the AG one, then I looked at the Our Generation one that my niece got from Zellers, and compared the quality to the one made by Sue and I think your money is best spent in this Etsy shop! The best part you can paint it any color you would like or leave it as is. 
Being in the kitchen as much as I am I was so enchanted by this set a doll sized 3 piece kitchen so beautifully made.
How about the living room furniture, a great addition to any doll play collection. 

Even more doll storage with a mirror, I love this one!
"Take me outside to enjoy the yard with you"  this one screams! Gives a whole new meaning to "Go out side and play!"
Bunk beds and Four post beds are something I always wanted for my dolls. This shop has both 
Seriously this four post bed is only $35 The best deal on Etsy for quality made furniture I have found.
Sue has a great deal for my readers a coupon code for her Etsy shop that will give you 10% off in her shop! use the code "10off1"
So I had to ask Sue how she got started with her shop and making these amazing pieces here is a bit from our interview...
When did you start making items for American Girl Dolls?Last fall (2010) our youngest daughter started school full time.  I went to work in the barn.
What made you realize that there was a void in the market that you could fill?
 Trying to find furniture for my girls’ dolls, other than the pricey “authentic” AG furniture.
What is the hardest item you make?
The desks – they are put together with mortise and tenons – kind of tricky.
Where is the farthest you have sent one of your products?
Washington State – (I live in Michigan)
What is your best seller?
The beds, armoires, and dressers are very popular.
Do you sell only on Etsy?
I am also on ebay, and custommade.com, and my own website: www.pinegrovewoodshop.com
 do you know about www.dollabee.com? (you should check it out)
I had never heard of it.  I just checked it out.  I think I should definitely get on there too.
Do you ship internationally?I haven’t yet at this time, but I am not opposed to it.  The problem I see is that these items are so large and heavy, it would be very costly.   I am actually trying to figure out how to offer “knock-down” versions of some items to help combat some shipping costs.  Maybe then I could go internationally.
How much time do you need for special orders?2 weeks plus delivery time
Then please tell me more about yourself Sue,
I am a stay at home Mom.  I had a woodworking hobby for many years, but for the last 11 years I didn’t really do any wood working – I was having and raising our 2 daughters.  Of course, as they grew they acquired a few American Girl Dolls.  Once our youngest daughter started school full time, I began making a few little furniture pieces for their dolls, and began realizing, “you know, you really can’t buy anything like this in the stores”.  Of course, it’s everyone’s desire to find a niche, and I began to think this could be my niche.  100% of my profits go towards our Christian school tuition.
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