Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Use what you have Halloween Costume for Dolls

Do you have any build a bear outfits? This one is from a Bear my son made last year in September and I borrowed it to show that you can use some Build a bear outfits on your dolls. Build a bear locations are in more malls then the American Girl doll stores and they do offer reasonably priced costumes and clothes for their bears. If you are looking for a costume in your area take a look at the build a bear location near you and see what they offer, you may want to take your doll to try on the outfits. 
Better yet if you have a build a bear of your own and can make up your own costume with what you already  have the possibilities are endless!
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  1. We've purchased a Jedi from Build A Bear for Avery's Andy the "American Boy".