Monday, September 19, 2011

High Fashion at fantastic prices from this Erin's Little Secrets Etsy shop

I found this amazing Etsy shop I had to share with you, not only  can you find some wonderful doll fashions but also some gorgeous purses I would love to own for myself  but getting back to Erin's Little Secrets Shop
From Coats and shoes and handbags to jewelery this shop has it all for American Girl dolls.
This necklace only $2.50, and you can mix and match to combine the outfit of your choice for your dolls. The coat is only $14.95!
I have always wanted a pair of these for myself to wear but at least my doll could wear these
only  $5.95
Simply adorable this handbag to match only $4.95
My niece Laura squealed at this one what a wonderful winter coat and hair band
only $19.95
I have to say she also has some adorable Cheer outfits in so many colors only $17.95

And on a non doll note....I love the purses! Really want this one! $28.95 a total steal!
Also fantastic deal :
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Her new website is an extension of her Etsy shop-just a more organized layout, and easier to navigate. The items there are linked directly to, and can be purchased from, this Etsy shop. Just click on the images to link you there. This enables you to receive a seamless and secure transaction.

So I had to ask Angela of Erins Little Secret's about her shop and I found she and I had allot in common.
We are both mom's of three who's lives are affected and shared by children with special needs and abilities. We both have doll loving nieces and love the creative outlet sewing and selling our creations brings.

Angela  tells me 
"I began last fall. My parents were downsizing, and mom gave me tons of fabric. I decided I would use some of it to make my niece some doll clothes for Christmas. After a few outfits, I was hooked. I remembered that my sister-in-law had a shop on Etsy, so I asked her for some help getting started. And I haven't stopped since. I get so much enjoyment out of this venture. The creative process is something I think I need. There's nothing creative about cooking and cleaning! Then the process of listing items and having people buy them is totally addictive. Plus, I'm always learning something. I began sewing as a young teenager, and would make something periodically over the years. Now that I do this full time, I'm constantly finding ways to improve my craft. Oh, and then there's fabric shopping!!! Don't get me started on that--LOVE IT!!! Am I beginning to sound obsessed?! LOL! Truly, though, besides my children, nothing has ever given me such a sense of personal satisfaction as my shop does."

I could not agree more

Angela also tells me her shop is almost a year old now, and she is  just beginning to see the benefits of  networking . She started a website s 
I hope you will visit Erin's Little Secrets shop and I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow.
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  1. Aww, thank you so much Karen! Very well said :)
    It's been another crazy busy month. I promise to catch up with you soon.

  2. I would have LOVED having Angela for a customer -- I managed a So-Fro Fabrics store here in my hometown of Johnstown, PA for 14 years (1980-94)and still really miss helping customers, oh, I guess they are called GUESTS now! LOL I am a member of Tari's Facebook groups you are on, Karen, and I have totally enjoyed checking out the MANY creative ideas you have shared.

    I began sewing for Barbies in 1971 while pregnant with my older son who shares his birthday with Josefina. My husband was floating around the Atlantic with the Navy and I needed something to do after work and we had no money for gifts for our nieces and 2 neighbor girls, so I made Barbie clothes for all of them and that turned into 25 years of Barbie sewing. My second son was born on Barbie's birthday! One of my asst mgrs at So-Fro introduced me to Molly around 1992 and over the next 2-3 years, I switched to sewing just for AGs and the Bitties. And I could not be happier!

    Now sure about how to post a comment, as I have done so only once before and that was on Tari's blog, so I hope this works!