Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Doll sized Starbucks, a great Etsy find!

I have featured this Etsy shop before dollygirl101 and this is my second order from her shop. Dollygirl101 is a young entrepreneur who hand makes each item in her shop.
As a doll lover and collector, I really appreciate hand made items that are truly unique.
I have a tenancy to go to Starbucks regularly for Hot chocolate and I take my children and my nieces with me and this special ritual can now be re-in-acted at home during doll play.

I am so thrilled with my purchase, Each handmade cup from dollygirl101 were only $2.25! now if only my hot chocolate from Starbucks was always that inexpensive!
I hope you get a chance to check out dollygirl101's shop and hope you have a great day!
Please note that the adorable dress my doll Chrissa is wearing in the above photo is from the Etsy shop of  Sewcrazyarmywife
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