Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun and Funky Fashions for your doll from Mrs. Fear's Etsy Shop Review and Contest!

Rachel Noel and Emmie told me about Mrs Fear's Etsy shop and when I visited her Etsy shop on line I had to agree this shop has some great fall finds.
I am a huge fan of  Denim and Lavender together and love this set
Another great feature of Mrs. Fear's shop is the mix and match options of great skirts. In colors that will go great with items you may already have and will not cost you an arm and a leg to add to your doll play collection. Mrs. Fear's skirts start at $6.

Different patterns and prints add depth and whimsy
so does any out fit made with Rick Rak. 
I love Rick Rak it is just so much fun to say!
Fun fall colors and a classic style dress are perfect for fall tea parties as well.
Items in Mrs. Fear's shop start at $5
Mrs. Fear has kindly donated this wonderful outfit to be awarded by one of my readers to enter please send an email with NOVEMBER CONTEST in the subject line, and in the content of the email you must let me know if you have your parent's permission to enter. Mrs. Fear will send the winner this outfit from her shop after the draw date of November 15th. 
 A big thank you to Mrs. Fear for donating this special outfit for our November outfit contest!

Mrs. Fear shared with me a bit of her sewing background and how she came to the world of Etsy and American Girl Doll Clothes Designs.

Q:So how did you get started with American Girl Dolls?
"My daughters, who are now 9 and 7, had been saving for their own American Girl dolls for a couple of months, pouring over the catalog and website every chance they got. I admit, I was doing the same thing. I couldn't help it, the dolls and clothes were just so cute! When the girls got their dolls for Christmas, they were very excited. It didn't take me long to realize, though, that in order for them to have a wardrobe of fun doll clothes I would either 1) have to take out a second mortgage, or 2) make them myself! Obviously, I chose to make them myself. So, I dusted off my sewing skills and my fashion design dreams (I attended FIDM in San Francisco for a semester, way back when), and started sewing. The girls loved getting new outfits for their dolls, and I enjoyed the creative outlet, not to mention the chance to bring a smile to my daughters' faces.

After a few months, I decided to try my hand at selling my doll clothes on Etsy, just for fun. Mrs. Fear's Fun and Funky Fashions for Dolls has only been open since May, but I am having a great time, and learning new things everyday. I basically sew whatever strikes my fancy, but right now I am enjoying putting together whole outfits, like jeans, fun t-shirts, and coordinating shoes. My favorite outfit currently is a heart & crossbones tee, with a frayed denim skirt and olive green leggings. I wish I could make one for myself! (full disclosure: I do use some Liberty Jane patterns, and I am a Liberty Jane partner)"

Q: So do you have any dolls of your own?
"For my last birthday, my husband surprised me with my own doll - Kit! She is often busy trying on or modeling the clothes I make, but we make sure she gets plenty of playtime with my daughter's dolls, Julie and Molly. My oldest daughter is also saving for a My American Girl Doll, so we'll see if a fourth doll joins our little group in the near future."

Thank you again to Rachel Noel and Emmie for the tip on Mrs. Fears Etsy shop and to Mrs. Fear for taking the time to share a bit about herself with us today. I hope you will take the time to visit her shop at Mrs. Fear's Fun and Funky Fashions

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  1. I entered, did you get my email?

  2. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Fear! I will be checking out her shop very shortly! =) I feel the same way she does about the doll clothes...the AG Doll clothes are so cute but, our economy today just does not allow all of us to lavish our girls, and sometimes ourselves, the way we wish and dream we could. Having the know-how and ambition, on the other hand, just might allow us to do even better for them!! I am just getting my toes wet with some simple starts, and even a couple creations of my own. I had some things at a craft show this past weekend and actually had $64 in sales which included a special order necklace and a sleeping bag/pillow set! I have "met" a few new friends here to include, (but not limited to) Karen Owen and Dacia, that have given me even more inspiration, insight, confidence, and even more ideas! With my girls being ages 10 and 6 1/2, I've got some BIG shoes to fill! Lets not forget the sleeping bag that I need to make for my little guy, age 4, for his fav bear! Thanks for all of your creative minds out there that give me the strength and courage to believe in myself and my growing talent(for fun)! =)

  3. Oh yeah, butterflies are MY FAV, so I will surely be entering to HOPEFULLY win the outfit from Mrs. Fear! LOVE IT!!