Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Looking for great stocking Stuffers? Start here Day 1 of great Stocking Stuffer ideas for Doll lovers

I came across this great Etsy shop that has the perfect hairbands for our dolls in so many color choices!
 These hairbands from LizzieBee Designs are perfect for stocking stuffers. Stocking stuffers for those who might be wondering what I mean are small items or gifts that are small enough to fit inside a sock or stocking, and make great small inexpensive gift ideas. In case you are wondering in my house we do celebrate Christmas and I have been working for Santa Clause for many years now. In fact all the ideas I have here about stocking stuffer ideas I share on his behalf.  If you are not in need of stocking stuffer ideas these hair bands are perfect for lootbags, party favors or even the perfect holiday Cracker prize.
With prices starting at $2.00, they are a wonderfully affordable doll accessory.
. LizzeBee Designs  also has embellished hairbands for $2.50
I love the heart on this one.
In addition to the many hairbands offered LizzieBee Designs has recently become a Liberty Jane Partner offering fantastic outfits such as this one 
I love this dress and think any doll lover would get excited about it.
I asked Lizzie about her shop and her motivation for creating for our dolls and she tells me that she began making doll outfits with her Grandmother in the Mid 1990's when she was first introduced to American Girl Dolls. Now in her mid 20's she has rediscovered her love of these dolls and now has 14 American Girl Dolls.

Her collection boasts four historical (Addy, Kirsten, Felicity, and Samantha) and ten modern dolls (a mix of converted historical, LE Girls of the Year, customs, and MyAGs). "I keep telling myself no more, but every once and while someone manages to sneak in and make space for themselves." Lizzie says.
I asked Lizze why she began making hairbands for our dolls  and she said
"The headbands were really inspired by the fun elastic headbands I was seeing for kids/babies on Etsy. I wondered why no one was making them in doll sizes, so I just decided to do it myself!
I hope you will stop by LizzeBee Designs for yourself and check out all she has to offer!

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