Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stocking Stuffer ideas Day #4 Oranges for your doll perfect for a stocking!

I found this great Etsy shop that offers some really cute items for 18 inch dolls and fell in love with this particular listing from Royal Doll Boutique Lisa makes the most amazing oranges that take me back to Christmas Morning and I swear when I saw this photo I could smell the oranges!
Traditionally in my family we have always found oranges in the toe of our stockings on Christmas Morning and I knew I had to feature this in my Stocking stuffer ideas.

Lisa of Royal Doll Boutique  is homemaker who homeschools two children and I loves to create. She has tried many different crafts over the years and has yet to find one that she hasn't enjoyed.
"Both my mom and grandma taught me everthing from sewing by hand, quilting,knitting and crocheting from the age of six . My interest in sewing only continued to grow from there. I can still remember being so excited when I was given my very own sewing machine for Christmas when I was 10 years old."
I had to ask Lisa when she started to create for American Girl Dolls...
"I started creating items for American Girl dolls when my daughter got her first doll a couple years ago. My daughter has always enjoyed having tea parties and dinners with her dolls and I was frustrated with the quality of the foods that were available for 18 inch dolls. I had heard about using polymer clay for 1:12 scale but hadn't really seen clay used much for creating foods in American Girl scale. I picked up a couple of a couple of books at the library to learn about working with polymer clay and things only progressed from there. I started making food for my daughter and the passion for creating realistic foods only continued to grow. Now when I look at food, I find myself thinking, I wonder if I can create that in clay? . "

Lisa says her  family has really been her biggest inspiration in get her Etsy shop started. "They are the ones who encourage me daily and I for that I am thankful. My shop hasn't been open very long, but it has been a wonderful adventure. I look forward to creating many new and different foods in the future, along with some fun new outfits."

 I hope you will visit Lisa's  Etsy Shop  
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  1. We've also always done the traditional orange in the stocking. These look amazingly realistic, although they should probably be bigger. I'm kind of a stickler for scale - a weakness. :P

  2. I appreciate the comment, but they are to scale for the type we were always given in our stockings. Fitting in our palms with our hands closed!