Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stocking stuffer ideas #11 Doll Sized Slippers

Today's post I am sharing is a favorite of mine. I found this great Etsy shop that makes the most adorable doll slippers!

Sherri  Duin  of  Hole in my bucket  creates the most adorable slippers for dolls! Take a look at the reindeer ones above and you will know why I love these!

Bunnies, Puppies and Cats oh my!
This Etsy shop offers these slippers for $5-$7 so adorable.
These slippers would make a wonderful addition to any stocking and any doll play collection or wardrobe.
In addition to these adorable socks this shop offers some great deals on dolly underware
This full service shop also offers beautifully made outfits as well
With special attention to detail
take a look at this hair band

Sherri of Hole in my bucket's Etsy shop shared a bit of her back ground with me. I was thrilled to find out like me she is an Aunt who started by making outfits for her niece. She shared with me a bit of her creative history and now I happily share it with you.

"I graduated college and started a career in Human Resources back in 1995. After 7 years of that I really wanted to do something creative, so I took a course and got my Floral Design Certificate and worked in a flower shop for about a year and a half prior to having my son that is 7 now."

"When he was born I became a stay at home mom and always thought I would go back to work once he was in school. I then found out that I was busier than ever with helping in the classroom and keeping up with life in general. I’ve always enjoyed making things of any kind and working with different products".

"My niece is really the reason that as a mother of a 7 year old boy, I started making doll clothes. I started knitting about 13 years ago and then had a niece, Ella, who fell in love with the American Girl Dolls. I began to knit her outfits, knit outfits for the school fundraisers and then realized one day that in many cases, sewing a simple skirt took far less time than knitting it. I designed and made her a few sewn outfits that she loved. A friend had told me about Etsy, and I thought why not try selling them."

"My first “model” was the Our Generation doll from Target. You might say I fell into the “starving artist” category and couldn’t justify purchasing an American Girl Doll. Late this summer I found an American Girl Doll on Craig’s List that had been one of the choose a doll that looks like you type."

"My slippers seem to be a hit which is very gratifying since they are my design and creations. I try to come up with a unique offering for the holidays that you can’t find in other shops. Last Easter I created the bunny slippers and it wasn’t much of a stretch to make the puppies or kitties. About two weeks ago while sewing, the reindeer slipper idea hit me. I did some sketching on paper, made a prototype and they became the newest of the doll slippers."

"The Etsy shop is really taking off and has become a sense of pride to know that I’m still able to be active at my son’s school, but help to make a little extra money at the same time for our family."
A thank you Sherri for sharing with us about her and her shop today I hope you have enjoyed it! Be sure to visit Sherri's shop A Hole in my bucket and check out all the fun creations she offers.
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  1. So cute!! Sadly, I was too slow and her Etsy shop has been pretty well cleared out.

  2. Send her a message she may be able to help you out!