Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stocking Stuffer ideas Day #5 Hair Elastics that will not snagg your dolls hair!

I found this very helpful Etsy shop that sells the perfect doll elastics at extremely reasonable prices. Continuing with my "Stocking Stuffer" theme I bring you BetsyStyle 's etsy shop.

Betsy's Elastics are made of 
plastic polyvinyl that won't snag the hair. Betsy's Shop offers many choices for colored or clear elastics here shop prices are so reasonable, $1.50 for 100!
Betsy Shared some of her own doll hair styling photos with me today so I could share them with you, Just seeing her work makes me want to go in and re style all my dolls hair!
It is very important to remember when you are working with your dolls hair you should always use a wire wig brush, a spray bottle of water (careful not to get this in their eyes!) and work from the bottom of the hair to the top!
Betsy's Elastics also are perfect for other dolls hair. Shown here with her Monster High Dolls.

Having items such as these elastics on hand, paired with a small travel sized spray bottle of water can provide hours of quality doll play time.At the price of $1.50 per 100 bands it makes a very affordable Stocking stuffer or party favor addition. Doll Hair Styling would  make for a great doll birthday party theme and Betsy's Elastics would also make great loot bag items or party favors.

Betsy shared with me her reason for offering these bands for our dolls at such reasonable prices. You can tell she truly cares about dolls and quality doll play items!
"I stock these bands because they are so hard to find in this size let alone in different color combinations. I bought a hair care pack at the AG store for something like $6 or $8 last year, but there were only a few of these poly bands in the pack, and I wanted to be able to style more than one or two dolls with them. I don't like using rubber bands in doll hair as they tend to snag the hair and turn brittle and can stick to or stain the hair is left in for longer periods of time. When I found these bands in bulk, I was elated! I had spoken with other people in forums about the frustrations they have had over finding these poly bands in a smaller size for doll hair. We all felt the same way, so when I finally found these I wanted to be able to sell them at a reasonable price for everyone who wanted to play with an style their doll's beautiful locks!"
Betsy's has also recently added these adorable brush and clip sets!
A great deal for $7

The sets come with 15 pieces: clips, pony tail holders, barrettes, and a wire bristle brush (the kind recommended for synthetic hair like American Girl wigs) in a neat little organza bag. She has  6 colors available in the clip sets and two colors in the brushes.

I hope you will get a chance to visit Betsy's Etsy Shop and pick up a few packages to add to your doll play collection. You can also visit Betsy's Facebook page at
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  1. They sell those bands at the Dollar Tree 500 for 1 dollar and they come in lots of color combos.