Friday, November 4, 2011

Historical Dresses for Girls to match their dolls from Katiebugmommy's Etsy Shop

Have you ever wished you could have a holiday dress as special as the ones your Historical dolls have? Take a look at  Katie's Etsy shopp she makes dresses inspired by the Historical Doll Line of American Girl doll  to fit girls!
 The above dress is inspired by Ruthie's Christmas Dress and it is such a great holiday dress!
I love the way Katies's has a more modern twist with out the elastic waist band.
Kit's surprise Christmas dress is sure to bring a smile to any Kit  lover's face!
The Historical Holiday dresses are so timeless. I love the dress that Katie has created inspired by Addy's holiday outfit.
Such a beautifully inspired dress. Inspired by the stories of a beautiful girl.
If you are a classic American Girl Doll Fan and Samantha is still your favorite, take a look at these dresses inspired by Samantha.
Samantha's Birthday Dress
Samantha's Holiday dress

Katie also has some modern dresses inspired by other Historical American Girl Dolls that can be enjoyed year round
Inspired by Marie-Grace
Inspired by Julie
Inspired by Kit's reporter style!
There are many more outfits in Katie's shop and with price points of $18-$70 I am sure there is something for every doll lover available to be made by Katie, order early to have your outfits before Christmas!

Katie shared with me a bit about her shop and her collection and I wanted to share that information with you...
"Well, when I was a girl, my younger sister collected the American Girl dolls (I was "too old" for dolls!). I thought the dolls and their stories were really neat, and I loved looking through the catalogs. At that time American Girl offered dresses for girls that matched each of the historical dolls' outfits.

Last year, my daughter's bff got an AG doll, so of course that sparked an interest for my daughter and I! I was surprised to find that the only girl-sized outfits offered were for the "modern" or "just-like-you" dolls. We are particularly fond of the historical dolls and their educational value, so I began sewing dresses for my daughter that matched "Samantha's" Victorian frocks (my daughter got a "look-alike" Sam for Christmas as a trial doll before splurging on the real thing).

She received many compliments on her dresses, especially when she was accompanied by Samantha in her matching dress. I thought, "surely, we're not the ONLY ones who miss the historical garments," so I posted some of my daughters dresses on Etsy, and my shop "katiebugmommy" was born!

I love sewing for my daughter, especially when the dress I'm working on is so highly anticipated! That excitement translates when I'm sewing for a customer. Although I do not know the little girl who I am sewing for, I know her excitement! I know this dress will be one of her favorites, just because it matches her doll! I know that she will feel extra special, and walk with little bounce in her step, just because she and her beloved doll can be twins. I count it a special privilege to be part of that excitement!

The dolls that live in our house include Samantha and Josefina (my daughter's) as well as a JLY doll that I bought off ebay for myself. Oh, and Felicity will be coming to stay at Christmas, just don't tell my daughter!"

I too miss the matching historical girl sized dresses and am thrilled to have found this great Etsy shop is offering these dresses to the next generation of American Girl Doll Historical lovers.

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  1. I have seen Katie's work first-hand and it is beautiful! She shows such attention to detail and, knowing her personally, I can tell you she is very enthusiastic about her sewing projects. If you order from her you won't be disappointed!

  2. Thank you Kim! I was thrilled to find her!