Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A double post day ! Guest Blogger Brandy shares her Thanksgiving Doll Meal with us

Guest Blogger and follower Brandy shared with me her Doll Holiday feast! This very creative mom has made some fantastic items for her daughters this holiday season.
This fun holiday meal was created by Brandy she shares in her own words how she made it...
"Thanksgiving is a very important holiday in my family. It is always hosted in our home. My daughter's asked me to make them a Thanksgiving dinner for their dolls. They were thrilled with the finished / creative product. My oldest made me promise to share my ideas so more girls could share the holiday with their dolls. I used tan foam paper for turkey slices, small white pompoms for mashed potatoes, light yellow coarse sponge for stuffing/dressing, red pipe cleaner coiled up for cranberries, light and dark odd cut shaped felt for a salad, tan foam paper/orange sponge/mini white pompom for pumpkin pie. The pie pan was from a pickle jar lid that I covered with foil. Happy Holidays...Enjoy!"

Brandy also purchased her doll sized table and chairs from Payne street doll boutique who are sold out for Christmas but you can contact them at http://www.psdollboutique.com/

Brandy of West Virginia,  is  a very creative mom too Jayla and Jemma who adore their American Girl Dolls and like most of us want everything in the catalog!  But, like most parents on a budget, Brandy  has to get creative!!  "Plus…I have to admit, I love the dolls too and making all these cute accessories.  I love it when I get an idea and the creative juices start flowing!" Says Brandy 

Thank you Brandy for sharing your photos and creativity with us today! 
If you have a photo, craft or story you would like to share with me please send it to karenmowen@gmail.com
I hope to see your holiday doll photos and I will post as many as I can here over the holidays!
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