Monday, November 14, 2011

Stocking Stuffer ideas Day #6 Milk and Cookies for your doll a perfect stocking stuffer

Continuing on my series of great stocking stuffer ideas for 18 inch dolls and the people who love them, brings us to another fun Etsy shop run by another young entrepreneur The Doll Bakery offers some wonderful and fun doll sized treats perfect for our dolls at a price that will not break the holiday shopping budget!
 These look good enough to eat! Which is why it is important that these items be purchased for doll lovers over the age of 6.

I love this set with the Chocolate milk and cupcake $4.50!
The Doll Bakery prices are very reasonable and affordable, most sets are $5.50. Shipping to both the USA and Canada are avalible.
Skylar of The Doll Bakery  tells me she started her Etsy shop because "after I did some shows I realized I could make more money like my mom on Etsy.

With my profits I am planning on buying stock in the AG company to help me with collage one day, buy more AG things, and other needs and wants."
Skylar tells me that she is planning on adding more doll food to her store soon! I can not wait to see what Skylar comes up with next!

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