Thursday, November 3, 2011

Matching Doll and Girl Pj's from Crystals Expressions

 Crystals Expressions   offers many unique items for both girls and dolls in her Etsy shop. Some of my most favorite items are her matching Pajama Sets for girls and dolls.
I love the colors in the set 
Crystals Expressions offers beautiful pillow case dresses for girls and their dolls
I love the fall colors in this set and it is available in sizes 2-12
Or this set from size 2-7
Crystals Expressions also offers some amazing bedding sets
Doll costumes
 As well as full outfits for American Girl Dolls, Bitty twins and babies
There is something for every doll in this Etsy shop and it really is a  shop to take your time in with more then 290 items in this store you know this is a popular and busy shop with more then 120 sales.
I wanted to know a  little bit more about this shop and how there came to be such a busy American Girl doll section and this is what Crystals Expressions shared with me. 

 How did you get into making American Girl Doll clothes?
"I started making doll clothes after seeing a child carrying an American Girl doll with a matching dress. At the time I was selling dresses at craft shows. I thought "How cute. I can do that". And I've been doing it ever since. It's been about three years now. I didnt even own a doll when I started. Since then I have acquired 4 dolls that I use as models for my doll clothing. My dolls are hand-me-downs given to me from girls who outgrew them."
What is the top selling item you make?
"The matching pillowcase dresses and the matching pajamas are the top sellers. I have lots of different styles now. I like keeping my clothing styles modern and trendy.
If someone wanted a custom order how long would it take?\
"It only takes me a short time to make the clothes. However, I am usually backed up with orders. My normal time is about 6-10 days to get shipped out. I also embroider so custom orders are not a problem.
I also have lots of other non-doll items for sale."

I hope you will visit Crystals Expressions  shop and see what all the excitement is about for yourself.
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