Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dress up your dolls Holiday Christmas Dinner with easy to make doll sized napkins and napkin holders

I love to make these easy and impressive doll sized napkins for our tea parties. The best part about them is they are reusable and inexpensive to make.
Simply attach with a few stitches to secure the button.
I love how this turned out.I hope you do too.
 To create the napkin, I open the small dessert sized napkin and cut it in two. Then I fold it back into the square and roll like I would any dinner napkin that you would place in a napkin ring.
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  1. Those are so cute Karen! Very crafty. =)

  2. Thanks Caelen! They will also be on Doll Diaries later next month

  3. I just found your site on Pintrest and it is AWESOME!!! I wish I had known of this site 3 years ago when I had an AG party for my youngest. This is amazing and I am getting all kinds of ideas... Thank you so very much!!