Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stocking Stuffer ideas Day #9 Dollar Store Gems a Review

Dollar store Gems a review of some of the best Dollar Store and Party store Gems I have found this year that are a refresher ideas for long time readers or may inspire you if you are new to my blog

Doll sized Cameras found here in my post from March

How about tea sets.

 Other great items like a doll sized bowling set, paint sets, doll size books, cell phones, stick on earrings and more can be found at your dollar store, craft or party stores make not only great stocking stuffers but great gift ideas too! Best of all they are budget friendly.

 I loved these tiaras that you could by individually or in a package at the party store

Doll food sets can also be picked up fairly inexpensively as well, Check out this Burger set I found at my dollar store

If you are lucky enough to live close to a Target or Party store you can pick up small cakes like these  
This great cakes under $2 also make great party favors or Christmas Cracker fillers.

There are some really great items available in your  dollar stores, craft stores and near by shops, that are not marketed as doll play items but re purposing these everyday items as Doll play items really will enhance the Doll Play experience and allow you expand your doll play collection with out breaking the bank.
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