Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Hat for 18 inch doll

Well it is Sunday and soon I will be off to teach my doll food making class but before I go I wanted to share with you this Birthday Hat I created for My niece Laura's doll for her birthday, I think she will make me make two more for her other dolls but here is the one I just made. You can easily make these for your doll (or your daughters/niece/granddaughters) doll or Webkinz by simply visiting your kitchen and getting a side plate from your cupboard as the pattern. Here is what I did.
I took the side plate and traced it on to a piece of white felt (you can use any color and if you do not sew use scrap book paper same effect) then I cut it out and folded it in half and cut it, you will have two party hats this way. I made a ruffle out of ribbon I had on hand but you can make these with out the ribbon ruffle. I then attached the ruffle to the bottom of the felt hat by simply stitching it across the bottom edge of the hat. Then I folded the half circle to form a triangle and stitched up the back of the hat. I then took some very thin elastic and stitched it in side the hat on both sides. If you are doing paper hats you can staple yours. With all the great scrapbook paper available at the dollar store you can make some really great hats. I was going to make this hat out of patterned felt but my dollar store was sold out. With a little bit of imagination and not allot of time you too can make this fun party accessory for your doll. I would love to hear from you on this or any of the crafts I post you can leave a comment or email me at

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