Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doll Robe for an 18 inch Doll from a Dollar Store Baby Blanket

Another sewing machine craft. Today I made my niece Hannah a robe for her American Girl Doll, she loves green so I used the same dollar store blanket that I used for the no sew throw (see the previous post or scroll down to see the photo on the right hand side of the blog). This blanket was from the dollar store and was $1.25 I used almost the entire blanket to create this robe.
I also used the pattern for a robe from the Simplicity Crafts pattern #5276. Price on the Envelope is $13.95 USA but I paid less from Walmart approximately $9.00.
The pattern includes several types of PJ's, underwear and shorts, as well as the robe so this pattern is a good investment.
Cutting out the pattern took about ten minutes and though I found the directions too wordy and a bit hard to follow however, I did finally figure out how to make this robe. I left off the pockets and the piping and re-purposed the finished edge of the doll blanket for the robe tie, but other then that I followed the directions pretty much to the "T". It did take me more then 30 minutes to sew only I think because it was my first time making one, I am sure when I make one for Trinity, Laura and Cadence and then some for myself I will be able to make them much quicker. As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment or email me at


  1. This is the robe pattern that is giving me grey hairs as I to left off the pockets and ribbing and I still cant get the facing correct... urg. You did a great job!