Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to make a Doll Bed for an 18 inch doll

Well as you may know I have 6 nieces, 1 of whom Laura I look after a couple of days a week. Today she wanted me to make her lots of things, which I did everything from the new doll clothes she requested, 3 doll necklaces, a valentine doll cake and a dolly bed, here is how I made the bed
1box as long as your doll or slightly larger
1 piece of cardboard or smaller box to make the headboard
double sided tape
*Optional bedding which I made out of scrap material and cotton balls to stuff the pillow, I used a sewing machine but it can be done by hand as well.I used an empty box from the Frozen chicken I buy from The M&M meat shop here in Canada, as well as the bottom box of the 12 pack of vegetable soup I bought at the grocery store as the headboard. You can use any box to be a headboard or any cardboard this is just what I had on hand. I also used my favorite peel and stick shelf paper to cover the entire "bed" so it looks good even when it doesn't have blankets on it. So for $1.25 I made a doll bed that now matches the side table and shoe shelf I made earlier in the week.
Once you cover the headboard with the shelf paper cover the other box with the paper as well. Then use double sided tape to attach the headboard to the bed. Then you are done, easy 20 minute craft. If you have a hard time working with the sticky shelf paper in large sections you can cut it into smaller pieces and just layer as you go, which is what I did and you really can not tell.
I have posted photos of how to do it and the end result I hope you like it! I am sure when Laura wakes up from her nap she will also be thrilled!

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