Wednesday, August 31, 2011

99 cent store baby dresses make great doll clothes!

I have had the amazing good fortune to spend some time in the USA this summer, and I was thrilled to find dollar tree and 99cent stores, which we do not have in Canada. I loved these baby dresses I found in the greater Palm Springs area from the 99 cent store that made the most fantastic no fuss doll dresses! These dresses are sized 6-9 months and were only 99 cents. The seersucker tops make them a perfect doll sized fit with out altering in any way. The cross over fronts to require some simple alteration but think about the possibilities here ladies! Doll dresses that you can glue on flowers or sew buttons on as an afternoon activity or simply as a take home gift at your doll parties. They are not fantastically made but for 99 cents they make the greatest addition to any doll play wardrobe and at 99 cents each will not break your party budget! I wish I had bought 20 of these but I only got 5. I hope this inspires some of you to pick some up and create with them!
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  1. Maybe you should sell them on you're Etsy? People would just love them!

  2. Thanks that would be a great idea if I lived near one or had bought more when I was away! Though you have to sell items you made so I would have to alter it in someway! If I happen by one of those stores again I promise to buy allot more!