Sunday, November 25, 2012

American Girl Doll Rooms- The gift that keeps on giving.

I love my American Girl Doll Room's, yes I have more then one. Once you have one you will fall in love with this system and want to add more as I did. 

 This is one of my most favorite doll play accessories and I use them for most of my Dolly world writing. In my published photos on Doll Diaries and Daydream Doll Boutique you will find my American Doll Rooms as backgrounds like some of these photos below.
My nieces and I have hours of fun,setting up living rooms, dolly bed rooms and even setting up Dolly Bathroom!

The outside play possibilities are also endless!  
Now I am so thrilled with my newest American Girl Doll Room

The barn is wonderful with grass on the outside and when you flip the room around
 I love these rooms and these photos from the American Girl Doll Room
 So if you are looking for a holiday gift that keeps on giving check out The American Girl Doll Rooms and see for your self the endless possibilities these rooms will add to your doll  lovers doll play. Visit there website today by clicking here and start your flip fold and play adventures today!
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  1. I SO want one of these but, the shipping is $60 to Canada! Will wait till my friend comes back from her Texas home in April, then she can bring it back in the trailer! I love these, I have made cardboard "rooms" for barbies for the neices, they loved this craft,may have to make one for the AG's! Love your blog Karen!